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Quacky Bot - Discord's Greatest Utility Bot

Ranging from Fun to Moderation, Quacky is a great bot to increase automation in your Server Text Channel Icon

Features Include:

  • Dog Emoji Animal Pictures
  • Hammer Emoji Moderation Commands including:
    • Text Channel Icon Text Channel Management
    • Voice Channel Icon Voice Channel Management
    • Notepad Emoji Message Logging
  • Wrench Emoji Utility including User Searching and Guild Information
  • White Flag Emoji Role Management
  • Camera Emoji Image Manipulation
  • Magnifying Glass Emoji Advanced Searching
  • Wave Emoji Welcome and Leave Messages

Learn More about Quacky: • Invite Quacky Bot:

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Quacky#1653 avatar
Quacky is an advanced utility bot that increases automation in your server. Commands range from fun to moderation.
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