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ModCord is a simple multi function bot. It includes moderation, music and live radio functions! The default prefix of the bot is m!. If you need support please don't be afraid to ask us on the ModCord discord server

Invite ModCord: with this link
Vote for the bot: on top.gg


🎡 Music

🎡 Music

m!nowplaying - View the current song being played.
m!pause/resume - Pause/Resume the music.
m!play - Play a song.
m!queue - View the songs in the queue.
m!skip - Skip the current song.
m!stop - Leave the voice channel.
m!volume - Change the volume.
πŸ”¨ Moderation

πŸ”¨ Moderation

m!ban - Ban a member from the server.
m!kick - Kick a member from the server.
m!mute - Mute a member on the server.
m!purge - Delete 1-100 messages at one time.
βš™οΈ Misc

βš™οΈ Misc

m!botinfo - View the bot statistics.
m!bugreport - Report a bug needing fixing.
m!credits - View the bot developers and sponsors.
m!ping - Check the bot ping.
m!prefix - Change the bot prefix.
m!suggest - Suggest an idea/something you'll like to see added to the bot.
m!uptime - Check the bots uptime.
πŸ˜† Fun

πŸ˜† Fun

m!achievement - Get a text on an achievement message!
m!joke - Get a funny message!
m!meme - Sends a random meme.
πŸ“š Info

πŸ“š Info

m!help - Get info on a command.
πŸ“» Radio

πŸ“» Radio

m!radio - Plays a live radio.
m!rstop - Stops the live radio.

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